Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What happens when you become a blogger

Ever wonder what life is like when you become a blogger?
Really you don't think much will change.
But it does.

Social Media - becomes your bff. Literally you are all over it. Keeping up with the people you follow and posting your own things. Conversations that make you laugh and ones that make you cry {good way people}.

Comments & e-mails - happen quite often. You are commenting on other blogs. Your readers are leaving comments for you. E-mails start rolling in and before you know it your inbox looks like a disaster. But it's fun. ;)

Pictures - oh lord. You take pictures of everything right down to snapping a picture of yourself before you go to bed and posting it. You start learning how to take "proper" pictures and edit them. Your significant other and/or children start looking at you like your crazy because you just took a picture of a burger and fries. Well, your instagram peeps had to see it of course.

You blog - You write your own blog posts how ever often you like and guest post for others. Scheduling posts ahead of time and writing down post ideas.

Inspiration - Your inspiration goes into over drive because now you have to make this and share it with your lovely followers because well they just have to see it and possibly make it themselves.

Caught up - you can get caught up in the land of blogging so us bloggers try and keep this in check. it's a hard line to walk but we somehow manage.

Really - you find yourself doing things or noticing things you normally wouldn't and you want to share it, blog about it, snap a picture of it.

What has changed sense YOU became a blogger?


  1. Love this post, all of it is so true... Since I've started blogging I've been extremely aware of everything that I do either by myself or with a group of people and I am always thinking about what I can talk about next... And the pictures, oh the pictures... My family and friends thought I was bad before, they had no idea! LOL

    <3 Melissa

  2. love this post! Life changes so much! It's like "oh, how can I blog about this totally ordinary trip to walmart and make people want to read it." haha

  3. You are so true! I'm not quite that bad, but I do find myself Instagramming photos of Moe's nachos and the like...
    - Christen :>

  4. Haha this is so true!
    Excited to be your newest follower,