Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five Tips on Tuesday - Descriptions

Today I wanted to venture into the land of describing your items.
Let's be honest. I'm more inclined to buy something handmade when the description is detailed and catchy.
For instance, this to me is no fun and doesn't really catch my attention:

Pink heart necklace.
Sterling silver chain.
24" long.
Ships in 2 days.

Okay awesome. You gave me what I wanted to know.
But sense it is handmade I want to know more.
I want to know why you made it. I did an etsy lab that talked about telling a story with your description.
That's a great idea if you can tell a story and one I highly agree with.
But maybe you don't have a story.
But you made it for a reason.

So tell us why. I pulled this straight from my shop.

"I designed this necklace because It is something I believe in. It also comes from my favorite scripture. "For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5.7
- This necklace has one metal disc with the words walk by faith stamped on it with a small cross in the corner.
- The chain is silver plated and is 18" long.
- The necklace will ship within 2-3 days after purchase has been made and payment has been received."

I told you why I designed it in the first place. 
Then I gave you the details.
That's what I like to see. :)

So next time you are trying to figure out how to describe your items. Thinks about these five tips.
  • Why did you design it? Did you make it for a dear friend, family member, loved one? Is it a favorite bible verse or you loved the way the fabrics blended together? 
  • Tell a story with it. Paint a picture of the item that just captures the buyer and makes them want to own that product.
  • Be detailed. What kind of chain it is. Fabric. Yarn. What size it is. As a buyer I want to know these things.
  • Let the buyer know how long it's going to take to ship. If i need something buy the end of the week and it takes 5 days to ship I need to know that before buying it.
  • Name your product. Seriously - have fun with it. I actually need to change a few of these my self. For instance red rose ring doesn't sound near as cute as put a ring on it - rose style. and yes that is beyonce's song put a ring on it. hehe. 
Simple as that.
And have fun with it.


  1. Great tips!! New follower :)


  2. I think having both is a good idea. Some people will skip over the details and just want to know the basics, so maybe having them in bullets above or below the detailed description would be a good idea? I'm not shop owner so I really don't know!