Saturday, June 16, 2012

Showcase Saturday - Gussy Sews

I have mentioned Gussy before on this little blog. She is the one who gave me the inspiration to have new shop items each week. Actually she inspires me quite a bit. Her blog is extremely motivating and I just love her as a person! She is honest and kind-hearted and incredibly talented. I hope to one day have her as my mentor.

Gussy literally sews some of the most adorable ruffly products I have ever seen!! I own one of her wristlets and I love it! As a matter of fact I believe I need this one as well!

I mean really. Look at those colors!! Hello beautiful! I also want this large zip pouch.


I am in love with blue and orange right now. She really does do beautiful work!!

Speaking blue. I need this wallet.


Look at the pure beauty of this wallet! Ruffles - check. Button closer - check. Beautiful colors - check. I really don't think a wallet gets any cuter or more perfect that that!

Now you have seen just how talented Gussy is and you know you are drooling over these products! Go check out her shop and get your shop on and then follow her blog because she truly is wonderful!

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