Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blog 101 - Sponsors Part 1

So, you want to start accepting sponsors on your blog huh?
But you're not sure how or when to start.
Today. I'm here to help you.

There really is no "perfect" time to start accepting sponsors. I would recommend swapping with other blogs that are similar in size first. Just so you get the feel for it. Now if you have already done that but you are ready to upgrade to more than just swapping, I have a few tips for you today.

1. Offer Variety. On my other blog - I have a wide variety of sponsor packages, that way sponsors can pick which size they would like to have out of the options I have instead of just saying "this is the size deal with it." Don't get that confused - if you are strictly a swapper - one size is perfect!

2. Let your sponsors know what they are paying for. This is very important. If I'm spending money on sponsoring a blog - I want to know what they are going to do for me.

3. Be realistic. If you don't have time to promote your sponsors with shoutouts on social media sites, blog posts, or anything else. Don't let them believe you can. Do what you can do - not what other bloggers are doing.

4. Don't be afraid to ask. Asking other bloggers to sponsor you is just part of it. I learned this a little late - but better late than never right?! Last month was the first month I asked other wonderful bloggers to sponsor my little blog & the result was wonderful! I think it's really they just aren't sure or they don't know that you offer sponsorship. It might be awkward but it works.

5. Offer a few free ad spaces to bigger bloggers. This is something I have learned. Having those big bloggers on your sidebar actually works. I haven't figured out why yet, but every few months I will offer a big blogger free sponsorship. Keep in mind these are bloggers I have regular contact with and I want to show them off and in return they can see how I do with sponsoring.

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