About The Spontaneous Designer


Hiya! I'm Cassie the lady behind the blog & shop of The Spontaneous Designer. I'm a momma to two sweet boys & a wife to my seriously awesome husband! I have been in the indie biz world for almost a year {my shop used to be known as ccy designs}! While I'm still learning as I go this blog is a place for you to learn right along with me. In a house full of boys I needed a girly creative outlet - that for me is The Spontaneous Designer

The Blog

On the blog I will be sharing any & all tips I have learned along the way of having an indie biz. I have recenetly been soaking up a lot of information about it and that is how the new name, new shop & new blog came to be. I feel like right now this is what I am being called to do. There will be mini series for the indie biz world & on Saturday's i'll be showcasing some of my favorite handmade shops! In a nutshell - this blog is all about the world of indie biz: the ups & downs, tips & advice, dreams and goals.

The Shop

This is what my sweet friend Skye had to say when we were discussing the name of my new shop - yes I fried her brain throwing ideas at eachother - anyways, this is what she said and I thought it described the shop perfectly!!

Full of suprises and wonder. Cassie at the spontaneous designer is constantly coming up with creative items for her shop based on her daily inspiration; faith, family & fun!!

That's exactly what the shop is. I don't limit myself to one thing & I am always trying out new designs to put in the shop! I put a little love into each design! :)

I am so excited for this chapter in my life & I hope you will join me!