Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie Biz 101 - Create a shop header

So you are getting ready to launch your shop? Or maybe you already have but your not sure how to make a banner for your shop? I'm going to show you a very simple way to do this.

Step One Go to

Step two To get a white background or different color background go to paint and save the background. Then.

Step three. Resize the background. 980 is the width for storenvy. 760x100 is the size for an Etsy header.

Step four Choose whatever graphics you like and you can rotate them any way you like.

Step Five - I chose a triangle and flipped it upside down. To have this image go all the way across the top. Duplicate the overlay.

Step six - Choose your colors.

Step seven - Choose the font(s) you want to use and type in your shop name and click add. Change the color to your liking.

Step eight - Crop out whatever white you don't need to use.

Step nine - Save your file.

That's it! Simple & easy! Next time I'll be showing you how to put graphics in your header for all you DIYers. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New blog & Shop giveaway

This giveaway has been a long time coming.
It's huge.
I want to celebrate the launch of the new shop & blog.
I want to celebrate the readers who have stuck by me.
I just want to celebrate.

I am giving away.

What you should know:
- This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
- This giveaway will last for 30 days.
- The $100 & $50 shop credits does not include shipping. {I will explain to the winners how to do this.}
- The $100 & $50 shop credits does not include my mommas pretties.
- There will be two winners!

Use the rafflecopter below to enter! Good luck!!

Giveaway over

$100 shop credit winner - Rachel S
$50 shop credit winner - Lindsey E

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Shop Items {Rings + Subway art/Prints}

I hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend. I have added some new shop items to the shop and I'm taking Gussy Sews's advice and going to try and do this once a week.

First 100 percent new item is the Red Rose Ring. I have been wanting to put rings in the shop for awhile now and I am so glad I finally got around to doing just that.

I designed this ring for two reasons. One because I am in love with the color red and I love roses!
- The ring band is silver plated.
- The ring band is adjustable.
Item will be shipped 24 to 48 hours after payment has been and received.

Next up - I am now offering custom subway art digital file's and custom print digital files. Here is a few I have done.

I made this subway art digital file for Hidden Beauty Photography. She wrote a great review of it on her blog today.

I made this one for the sweet Casey who is hands down the sweetest woman you will ever meet.

& this one for Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts!

You can now also find prints in the shop that 100% of proceeds go to the shine project.

Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

Use code NewShop to get 30% off on prints, subway art, necklaces and rings until June 1st in the shop!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Welcome to The Spontaneous Designer - The Blog! I am so thrilled to have you here!!! For those of you who don't follow my other blog I'm Cassie!

I have been blogging for over a year now & I have loved every second of it. I have also had an indie biz for almost a year and have learned so much along the way! My shop used to be known as ccy designs & is now The Spontaneous Designer. I will be talking about why the name has changed soon!

For now I just wanted to give yall the run down of what is going to go on around the blog.

Blog 101 Is my posts where I share tips & tutorials for all things blog related! I have learned how to do some many things myself & I am going to share them with you!

Indie Biz 101 These will be my posts where I share tips on the indie biz world, tutorials on how to make items, lighting, pictures, descriptions & more. The more I continue to learn, the more I will share! :)

Showcase Saturdays is where every Saturday I will be showing off a shop of my choosing and gushing over them & their products!

Shop Updates will be showing off my new products as they go in the shop and any discounts & giveaways I have going on.

All of this can be found on the right sidebar over there -------->

For the launch of the new shop & blog take 30% off on subway art, prints, necklaces & rings at checkout for a limited time with code NewShop

Ways you can follow TSD .. GFC ------>
Twitter // Facebook // Bloglovin