Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie Biz 101 - Create a shop header

So you are getting ready to launch your shop? Or maybe you already have but your not sure how to make a banner for your shop? I'm going to show you a very simple way to do this.

Step One Go to

Step two To get a white background or different color background go to paint and save the background. Then.

Step three. Resize the background. 980 is the width for storenvy. 760x100 is the size for an Etsy header.

Step four Choose whatever graphics you like and you can rotate them any way you like.

Step Five - I chose a triangle and flipped it upside down. To have this image go all the way across the top. Duplicate the overlay.

Step six - Choose your colors.

Step seven - Choose the font(s) you want to use and type in your shop name and click add. Change the color to your liking.

Step eight - Crop out whatever white you don't need to use.

Step nine - Save your file.

That's it! Simple & easy! Next time I'll be showing you how to put graphics in your header for all you DIYers. :)

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